Real Estate Business & Credit Program

Learn everything you need to know to create an opportunity to live out your purpose, build wealth, and obtain financial freedom by understanding The RBCs - Real Estate, Business, and Credit.

The new Jay Morrison Academy RBC Curriculum is comprised of 72 easy to follow video Lessons taught by Wealth Strategist and Business Mogul Jay Morrison and Credit and Business Funding Expert Will Roundtree who have over 30 years of combined experience in helping everyday people build their family’s financial legacy.


Our curriculum was designed with you in mind. The Jay Morrison Academy is committed to helping you learn simple wealth strategies in a way that is accessible and relatable.

Along with video lessons, you will also have access to The RBC Workbook that includes test, quizzes, and action plans to guide you along the way and assist you with applying what you will learn so that you can become a proficient wealth creator.

Who is the Jay Morrison Academy RBC Curriculum For?

The Jay Morrison Academy Real Estate, Business, and Credit Curriculum was created to give everyone the opportunity to receive a proper wealth education that is currently not being offered in grades K-12 nor on the collegiate level.

The general public is often denied or simply not made aware of the advantages of mastering the skills, resources, and knowledge in the areas of real estate, business, and credit to build wealth the way that 90% of millionaires do in this country. By providing you with the tools needed to succeed in life and business, we can help you achieve financial freedom.

What Is Included In The RBC Curriculum?

  • 72 HD Video Lessons Taught By The World’s Leading Experts On Real Estate, Business, and Credit.
  • The Jay Morrison Academy Real Estate, Business, and Credit Workbook.
  • Tests and Quizzes To Help You Retain The Information.
  • The Ultimate CEO Program
  • Wholesale Mastery Course
  • 9 Elite Masterclass Lectures On Niche Topics Such As Creative Financing Strategies, Executive Team Building, Branding, Marketing, Wholesaling, and more.
  • 24/7 Access To The Online RBC Curriculum
  • Weekly Mentorship Calls

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Do I Need A Degree or License To Use The RBC Curriculum?

No High School Diploma, GED, or Real Estate License is required to learn and apply the strategies taught in the Jay Morrison Academy Real Estate, Business, and Credit Curriculum.

This program was created specifically to provide the proper wealth education to everyone who was not taught legacy building strategies at home, in school, or through formal/professional training.

Real Estate

Investing in real estate is the way that 90% of millionaires in the U.S. acquire wealth. Learn everything you need to know to find and close deals, avoid costly beginner mistakes, and make incredible profits in the real estate market.

Discover how profitable it is to invest in real estate today.

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Entrepreneurship is truly one of the pillars to building wealth. Discover how to establish and formulate a business properly, recruit and hire the right talent, develop systems to automate operations, build an executive team of advisors and consultants, obtain funding, and scale your enterprise to maximize profits.

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Learn insider strategies used to build and repair your credit, dissolve debt and add stability to your life. Financial freedom begins when you understand how your credit score works and begin to think of credit in a new way - so you can be a smarter consumer who uses credit to build a future, not crippling debt.

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Introducing RBC Kids for Ages K-5

The Jay Morrison Academy is committed to providing the youth with a head start on understanding real estate, business, and credit to establish a strong financial future.

We have created a curriculum for grades K-5 that teaches the building blocks of building wealth.

Whats Included in your Ultimate CEO Program?

  • 12-Step Real Estate Entrepreneur and Business Owner Crash Course
  • 1-on-1 Coaching, Team Building, and Marketing Checklist
  • CFO's Business Plan Checklist JMA's Real Estate Investor Course Textbook
  • Lord of my Land e-book
  • Hip Hop to Homeowners e-book
  • Plus Much More!

It's a lie — "It takes money to make money." Education is the key to building wealth, not a silver spoon. With JMA's Ultimate CEO Program, you'll have one full year of access to every course and master class in the Academy, so you can build your success with the ultimate financial education.


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