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Jay Morrison Academy is the premier real estate development and wealth education school for everyday people with incredible dreams. From wealth building to home ownership to syndicating real estate deals and more, Jay makes financial empowerment with anyone – with easy-to-understand videos lessons, one-on-one coaching, Weekly mentorship with real estate moguls and investors, and practical teachings you can use right away.

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to change your life for the better – this is it.

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We offer three ways to take our courses so you get the financial education you need in a way that fits YOU! No matter which path you choose, this is your first step to a bright financial future - investing in yourself!

Wealth Mastery

This comprehensive, 1-year course covers all 6 Wealth Areas of Expertise with 150+ video lessons, mentorship calls, and so much more. This is the “everything you need to know” course to build generational wealth.

Beginner Program

Aspiring real estate developers and investors who are serious about success start here! Learn all the steps to making your fortune no matter where you’re starting from. Discover how to become Lord of Your Land by building your credit, creatively financing deals, flipping properties and more.

JMA Hall Pass

Hang out at our online campus, walk our virtual halls, attend orientation, and attend one week of classes with our Hall Pass! PLUS, you’ll talk LIVE to one of our multi-millionaire investors or seasoned mentors to get all your questions answered by someone who knows the industry inside and out!

Why you’re going to
love Jay Morrison Academy

    Easy-to-understand weekly video lessons

    Featuring Jay Morrison and his most trusted advisors

    Weekly Mentorship calls

    Chat with real estate moguls, multi-millionaire investors and top business coaches

    Networking opportunities

    With our global community of investors and students

    Referral program

    Earn big commisions by referring your friends!

    One-on-one coaching

    Take it to the next level with personal mentoring

    Two ways to learn

    On Campus Learning in Atlanta

    Flexible online courses


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    Invest in your first property - When you’re ready, you can even partner with Jay or other JMA students on incredible opportunities!

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    Sign up for one-on-one coaching - Take it to the next level!

JMA Success Stories

“This Corner Class is my Formation Tour… This is legendary to me”

– 24 Hr Corner Class Attendee

“My one on one coaching experience with Jay has been great. The most impressive thing is, being how busy I know Jay can be. He is very responsive and opens up all his resources to me. That’s been the biggest thing for me. How hands on Jay is with his coaching clients”

– Kelli Meade

“The money what you invest into the academy is nothing, compared to what you get out of it”

- JMA Student

“Every dime I spent on this conference, getting here and getting home. Was well worth it and I would have paid triple that”

- 2016 Level Up Conference Attendee

“If I can compare it to any other course. I’ve taken Than Merrill before but I will say JMA is the best hands down”

- Stephen Bender JMA Student

“The course is thorough and very easy to comprehend. Excellent job putting it together bro”

- @andrecapital

“I would like to say thanks for the opportunity and allowing me to join the JMA academy, I have learned a lot in this program and have been successful. My focus is on wholesaling properties. I closed my first deal two weeks ago and now I'm getting ready to close another deal Friday. I wanted to say thanks so much and I really appreciate this learning experience. This is a whole new stepping stone towards reaching my goal”

- Melvin Brown

About Jay

The Jay Morrison Academy was founded by real estate mogul, educator and speaker Jay “Mr. Real Estate” Morrison to help people from all backgrounds achieve wealth and security through financial literacy. A high school dropout and three-time felon, Jay made a major life transformation, and now uses his personal story of triumph to empower thousands of his Academy students, troubled youth, ex-offenders and real estate professionals.