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Our Mission

To make financial literacy and wealth building strategies more accessible and relatable for urban youth and at risk populations through creative workshops, trainings, and lectures.



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Who Should Join JMA?

Anyone who hasn't been taught wealth creation strategies at home or any other institution should strongly consider joining the JMA family today!

  • Employees looking to quit their 9 to 5 and become entrepreneurs
  • Veterans looking to start their entrepreneurial journey after life in the service
  • Executives or business owners looking to create wealth through passive streams of income
  • Retirees looking to leave a better family legacy
  • High school students looking for an alternative career path
  • College students looking to receive an affordable wealth education to avoid the 9 to 5 rat race
  • Aspiring real estate investors looking to build massive portfolios
  • Intermediate or experienced entrepreneurs that are looking to scale their businesses and create multiple streams of income
  • Real estate agents looking to enhance their knowledge base or become an investor
  • Professional athletes who are looking to become more financially fit

The Benefits
of Joining JMA

  1. 1
    Complex wealth creation strategies made simple and easy through our unique JMA curriculum
  2. 2
    Accessible, affordable, and relatable learning environment
  3. 3
    Easy to comprehend instructors and authentic mentors
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    Affordable, effective online training geared towards building wealth
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    Exclusive 1 on 1 coaching opportunities with millionaire mentors
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    Comprehensive wealth education backed by relevant resources
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    Proven wealth creation strategies taught by experienced and successful business professionals
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    Global reach of nearly 10,000 active alumni student community members

Jay Morrison Academy Foundation

A bright future needs a strong foundation. The Jay Morrison Academy Foundation brings financial literacy education to at-risk youth in underserved communities. The sooner young people learn to master their finances, the more likely they are to build successful lives and avoid the cycle of poverty, incarceration, and unemployment.


About Jay

Business mogul, social activist, and best-selling author Jay Morrison, commonly known as "Mr. Real Estate", defied the odds of growing up in poverty to become a multi-millionaire businessman, celebrity realtor, real estate developer, and national influencer.

The Jay Morrison Academy was formed to provide financial literacy to those who haven't been taught wealth creation at home or school in a way that is affordable, relatable, and accessible. The goal is to bridge the wealth gap in America and repair our communities using creative solutions that will put us in a position to control our future.