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* Some clients may require JMA Discounted credit boosting and repair services - NOT Included!

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Prior JMA Funding Success Stories

Are You Qualified?
Will Roundtree

About Will “Credit is King” Roundtree

Will Roundtree is an author, financial counselor and owner of WE Management. His mission is to help people like you get the tools they need to build a stronger financial future. By teaching others to work with the credit system, invest in real estate and other assets, and manage their finances, Will helps create better lives for entrepreneurs, investors and their families. He is the author of “Credit is King: Transforming your Credit to Royalty” (2016).

Are You Qualified?

Credit Repair

We specialize in the full credit repair process, and we work aggressively on your behalf to dispute with the attempt to delete any negative items reporting all three credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian). These items include anything from a collections account, tax liens, child support, medical bills, public records, repossessions, and bankruptcies. As these items are deleted your score increases 5-25 points per deletion.

We also have relationships with banks and lenders who can approve you for lines of credit and credit cards that you typically wouldn’t be approved for. Both methods combined will cause your score to drastically increase within 30-45 days.
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